For the past twelve months, I have been refining and delivering a presentation, with an accompanying visual display of my artwork and related supporting material.

 This forty minute narrative is divided into a number of segments [“nine bites”], and takes groups attending through the story of my explorations of drawing practice since late 2007.

A feature has been a recent five week exercise in the auditorium of the Queensland Chapter of the Australian Institute of Architects. This work has been carried out as a contributor to the AIA’s CPD [Continuing Professional Development] programme. In addition, and with the aid of a condensed “PopUp” version of the display, I am currently visiting architectural practices, and also presenting to groups within the professional services and tertiary education sectors. Each of those attending receives a complimentary set of 6 x A6 cards. These comprise: 2 x mini posters featuring a quotation; 2 x lists of sources of recommended reference; and 2 x signed prints.


The presentation serves to illustrate my journey of process through repetitive practice. Feedback indicates that the segmented story is the ‘key driver’ in the attendees’ engagement, and in some cases resonance, with my pursuit of mastery.

Comments have included the following, and it is my intention to continue “talking in whispers” as an ongoing component of my journey:

 “I recently had the privilege of spending time with Rich, learning about his journey and his art. I was initially intrigued by the graphic skill and visual richness of his work, but soon that was only a part of the story. The description of his life, how his art came to be made, and what it has meant to him was very relevant to my circumstances. I am still digesting the experience, and have no hesitation in recommending it to others. My friends and colleagues who have attended Rich’s presentation have been similarly inspired by “in pursuit of mastery”.

Peter Dawson | Senior Associate ARCHITECTUS AUSTRALIA