Perpetual exploration is my intimate pre-occupation.

Selections of pictures are presented in the year that they were completed.
Selected artwork is available at the store.


2018 Artworks

While the figure in the context of INTIMISM continued to inspire, 2018 included production of pictures wholly focused on pattern making. Increasing interest in the relationship our eyes have with line, shape, surface and space - a kind of “optical intimacy”.   

2017 Artworks

Applied methodology of practice to further explore, what has been described as, “spatial articulation”.
‘Intimist’ works by Kitagawa Utamaro have been wholly inspiring. Had fun introducing elements into a series, and they seem to add quirky narrative to the pictures.

Richard Allen


2016 Artworks

Explored increases in overall intensity of mark making, pattern construction, and palette application. The introduction of greater narrative through activity, and facial expression of the subject, for example: - “reverie” - “daydreaming” - “lost in thought”.


2015 Artworks

Departure from the odalisque, and the introduction of modernity to the subject, and the theme of INTIMISM. The inclusion of a view through a window in selected pictures - a sense of place. Overall reduction in sheet size of works, from A2 format, to approximately A3.


2014 Artworks

Continued working with established series, and maintained costume and styling for model sessions. Experimented with increasing degrees of ‘subtraction towards abstraction’. More enigmatic in design and execution [hold the belief that our eyes have the ability to “work things out”].


2013 Artworks

Further development of the single-minded theme and subject. Produced a number of pictures depicting the odalisque engaged in simple activities. Also three series: “fleurtation”; “duende” [power to attract]; and “farniente” [idleness] - “farniente”: the title of a painting by Bonnard.


2012 Artworks

Focused on the subject of the figure dressed as an odalisque. Experimented working with two models, and production of a series of pictures inspired by Matisse. Presented the figure expressing quietly confident attitudes - sureness – calmness - seated and reclining.


2011 Artworks

Produced a number of studies from Orientalist paintings, and sourced additional photographic reference. Conducted opening sessions with a professional model to create original and personal subject matter. Costumed as odalisques - the birth of a passion for the theme of INTIMISM!


2010 Artworks

Continued explorations with drawn reference from life classes, and also made studies of works by Matisse. Additional inspiration through photographs of Parisienne life in 1920s-30s [especially Cartier-Bresson and Brassai]. Began a fascination with the odalisque as subject matter.


2009 Artworks

A selection completed during the final year of commercial design practice. Produced various series inspired by Matisse, Vuillard, Bonnard and others, including Scottish painter J D Fergusson. Developed additional scopes from drawings made at life classes attended during 2008.

For me, the model is a springboard, a door that I have to break down in order to gain access to a garden, where I am alone and utterly comfortable.
— Henri Matisse